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Basic Obedience Classes

Our basic obedience class format, like our training style, is very unique. We are the instructors, you are the trainers. No one can train your dog for you, training is all about relationship. You will learn everything you need to know to be able to properly communicate with your dog whatever it is you would like them to learn. In addition to basic obedience commands we’ll address any behavioral issues you are experiencing at home. You will learn to create a partnership with your dog instead of a master/servant relationship by using our gentle training methods. Once you learn how to react and respond to your dog in the right way; they will literally train themselves. By dealing with individual behavior needs, the class gives the impression of semi-private instruction. We will cover the sit, down, stay, come, heel, loose leash walking, door and guest behavior as well as many of the most common behavior problems such as jumping, counter surfing, etc.

Basic Requirements:

Your dog must not be over reactive to other dogs. If your dog is too reactive in a group situation private lessons may be more suitable. Class duration is one hour for six consecutive weeks (excluding holidays). We limit our class size to only 8 dogs so we can maintain a semi-private format allowing us to be able to meet everyone’s needs.

Start Date

Wednesday October 18th. There’s still time to jump in.

No additional classes scheduled at this time.


*Most of our classes have a waiting list so to be fair to those on that list we respectfully ask that all classes be paid in advance to secure your spot. Thanks!

Call (602) 956-2796 to reserve your spot. No age restrictions.

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