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From raising a puppy, to obedience training, to dealing with
severe behavioral problems such as separation anxiety and
all forms of aggression, Brad is a true animal behaviorist using
non-forceful, psychological behavior modification techniques. - William O. Bracken, DVM, Phoenix, AZ
- Lyons Family Brad Jaffe, Founder of Dogological  is by far the best dog trainer / behaviorist around. Both of our dogs are rescues and we enlisted Brad to train both of them and of course train us!

His extensive knowledge of dogs and his training methods are better than any we have ever heard of.  His method works and has completely changed our world with our dogs.

Both our dogs have gone through the many courses available from puppy socialization up to the advanced classes. Our youngest Zoey was abused before she came to us, Brad was patient, kind and loving and worked with us and helped us understand how to rehabilitate her and get her happy and settled in our home. He really understands how dogs think and how to communicate with them.

We highly recommend Brad for any kind of behavior issues and for his ability to teach us humans how to communicate clearly to our furry children.

Conversations with Courtney, Brad’s first book is a must read for all dog lovers!
Thanks Brad!! - Kimberly & Don Chiappetti, Scottsdale, AZ
When we got our puppy, our breeder highly recommended Brad for his unique approach to dog training. With play and practice, our puppy has turned into a well trained, loving member of our family.

Thanks to Brad for Dogological! - Jim & Kathy Atkinson, Phoenix, AZ
- The Watson's