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Dogological Teaching Method

What is Dogological? At first Dogological may sound like a strange word until you understand the meaning behind it. Dogological because it’s a psychological approach to teaching from the dog’s point of view. Dogological has been developed as a different approach to dog training. I’ve learned that the best and most effective way to teach anybody anything is to teach from their point of understanding and in a way that they can comprehend. Dogs learn through body language and through cause and effect, trial and error. At Dogological we teach you how to communicate clearly and effectively anything you would like your dog to learn through gentle, humane, common sense methods. There is no need to dominate, intimidate or show your dog who’s boss. Dogs don’t need an over bearing alpha they need a good parent; one that is fair and kind. Your dog can have as much or as little structure and rules as you desire through these fair and consistent methods without the use of force or intimidation. You can love and spoil your dog and still have a well mannered pup.

There are no hard and fast rules about what “dogs” should and shouldn’t do. We all raise our children in our own way; the way that we feel is right and it’s the same way with raising your dog. Things that are acceptable to you may not be acceptable to your neighbor or your friend but it’s your dog and your rules. We will teach you how to teach your dog anything that you would like them to know by teaching you how to communicate properly so they can understand what you’re asking of them.

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