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About Susan Piper, Teaching Specialist

It has been my privilege to work with Brad Jaffe for ten years. I now carry on the philosophy and techniques he developed to teach people to be good dog parents. I work with both humans and dogs to create harmony in the home. A degree in adult education and many years as a corporate trainer helped me develop the education and communication style I use to work with humans. My time working and training with Brad Jaffe gave me the experience and knowledge I use to work with their animals.

My goal is to teach you how to communicate clearly and effectively through gentle, humane, easy to understand methods.


Phone: (602) 956-2796


About Brad Jaffe

Founder of Dogological


Brad Jaffe began his career in dog training, which he calls dog teaching, in 1999. Unhappy with the attitude of master/servant training based in intimidation and forceful methods, he searched for another way. After years of reading and researching everything he could find about dog training, he began to develop and perfect his own approach to dog training; which ultimately led to the development of Dogological.

Brad taught for or over 20 years and learned form over 7,000 dogs.