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How does your dog learn?


There are as many approaches and philosophies on how to teach dogs as there are trainers to teach them. We can usually learn something from almost all methods, even if it’s what we don’t want to do. I do not believe that forceful, intimidating, painful or humiliating techniques are necessary to teach a dog proper manners. Our dogs learn through a process of trial and error, otherwise known as “cause and effect”. Since our puppies come to us not understanding our verbal language and not having been given our “dog rules” they are in need of our guidance to help them learn. It’s our job to teach them what we would like them to know. They don’t know that they can’t pee or poop wherever and whenever, or that the furniture, the carpet, the walls, your clothing, your shoes, the electrical cords, or your flesh are not chew toys. We need patience with our puppies and need to learn to communicate to them in a way that they understand. You are raising a four legged child that needs your help; not your corrections for things that he doesn’t know are wrong. Whether you’re teaching a puppy or teaching an older dog basic manners like sit, down, etc, it’s still the same form of communication. How does your dog learn? Allow your dog the privilege of using his brain and his innate problem-solving ability and trust in his ability to figure it out.

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