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Halloween Safety Tips For Your Pets






We all love Halloween, the scary and funny costumes, the meeting with neighbors and of course the candy!   That’s not always the case with our dogs. The continual ringing of the doorbell can put your dog in an overly aroused state and can trigger a territorial response to the innocent trick or treaters. The costumes are entertaining for us but your dog can become very frightened at the site of painted faces, masks, ghosts and even princesses. The costumes can be very frightening to unsuspecting doggies so unless your dog is desensitized to Halloween it’s a good thing to give them the night off and keep them inside, safe and sound.



The constant opening of the door can be an opportunity for Fido to bolt out and with all of the scary costumes and the cars following their kids around, Fido can panic and run, run, run, and get lost or worse risk getting by getting hit by a car.

If you have an outdoor cat please bring the cat inside as people do strange things to cats they find on Halloween, especially black cats.

And if you want to enjoy every morsel of chocolate that you’ve gathered or are handing out, avoid an emergency trip to the veterinarian; keep your bag of goodies well out of reach of prying paws and jaws. If you suspect that your pup has partaken of your chocolate call your veterinarian. Have a nice and safe Halloween!

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