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How about them Booties? Do booties help protect dogs in hot weather?

smudgeIn the quest to get our dogs the well needed amount of exercise in the summer, many of us ponder the idea that if the surface is too hot for their feet let’s just put a pair of booties on their feet and they’ll be ready to roll. Do booties help protect dogs in hot weather? The flawed premise here is that if we protect their feet…the problem is solved! However, burning their feet is not the only potential danger for them. Lets repeat something we said in the last newsletter.

Your dog’s average body temperature ranges between 100 to 102.5 degrees. We have sweat glands all over our body which help to keep us cool, our dogs have very small sweat glands only on the bottom of their feet and on their noses. Try walking around in a wetsuit and a fur coat on 100+ degree day and it may give you some insight about how your dog feels. Oh, by the way – don’t forget to be barefoot!

Panting is the primary heat release for your dog’s body. If the air temperature is higher than their body temperature they can’t cool down.

The most valid use for booties in the summer is to get them from Point A to Point B, like from the car to the vet’s office, or anywhere else they may have to walk across a very hot surface.


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