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Forget about corrections, let’s TEACH our dogs manners!

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If a dog is properly taught from the beginning corrections will seldom be necessary.


We bring our dogs into our lives for many reasons; for companionship, for protection, for a specific job like herding, protecting live stock, for competition in agility, fly ball, etc., for medical assistance, therapy dog work – the list could go on and on. Whatever their purpose is, it’s our job to help them adjust to our world, our home and what’s expected of them. They don’t know our rules or what we want from them. They are like a baby or small child that needs to be taught what’s okay and what’s not. For some odd reason we think they should come into our homes knowing what’s expected of them and what they can and can’t do. There are many approaches to training and lots of varied opinions about the right way of doing things. We need to TEACH our dogs the proper manners we expect in our homes. Most dogs are getting corrected either verbally or physically in many different forms. They’re getting corrected for things they were never TAUGHT were off limits. So forget about corrections, let’s teach our dogs manners. In my opinion the best way to train your dog not to do certain things is to teach them a word that means “stop whatever it is that you’re doing”. It’s a simple process to teach a dog basic obedience..

If your puppy or young dog is chewing things up, is digging holes in your yard, pooping or peeing in the house etc., YOUR DOG HAS TOO MUCH FREEDOM! Would you leave a crawling baby or a toddler to wander around without supervision? Of course not. Your puppy or new dog needs to be treated the same way. You want to choose a word or a phrase that will ALWAYS mean “stop what you’re doing”. Some suggestions: leave it, enough, uh uh, let it be; I caution you against using No, most dogs have heard it so many times they tune it right out. Once you’ve chosen your word remember that your dog doesn’t know what that means yet. You need to be with your pup at all times so when you see her doing something you don’t approve of don’t yell “ENOUGH”. Go over to her and as you gently, pull her away from what she was doing you CALMLY, say “enough” redirect her to something else and praise her. Yes, you heard me, praise her. You label the action of stopping with “enough” then you praise her for stopping. You’ll need to this many times before she gets it but remember it’s a learning process…BE PATIENT!

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